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Hegel H590

Hegel H590

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Hegel H590

The H590 includes user friendly services such as Apple AirPlay®. While at the same time embracing ultra high performance formats like DSD with SoundEngine 2 technology and Hegel’s finest amplifier implementation to date. The H590 uses the patented SoundEngine2 technology combined with a high power, low distortion amplifier design. The result is unmatched dynamic capabilities while still maintaining a smooth, natural sound.

The H590 is a reference amplifier throughout. From the carefully designed balanced and unbalanced inputs, with hand matched transistor pairs. This ensures minimal distortion to the delicate signal from an analog source such as a phono stage. Via the preamplifier, with its dedicated high quality power supplies and a unique volume attenuator, to the massive output stage where you will find 12 ultra-fast high power output transistors per channel. Many people use digital music as their main source of listening. So great care has been put into the DA-Converter, where all signals will be kept in their original form throughout. If you play high resolution or CD-format, they will all be played in their native form for best sound quality. Via the USB input, it also supports high end formats like DSD. The H590 includes MQA decoding and rendering technology which enables you to play back MQA audio files and streams, delivering you the sound of the original master recording.

The H590 is also a dream for people who are into streaming. There is Upnp streaming and proprietary implementation of AirPlay. That means Apple Airplay user friendliness combined with the high performance Hegel sound. It is also software upgradable. If you live in a smart home, the H590 can be a natural part of that too. It has Control4 built in and 2-way IP control. So using the H590 can be as easy as switching on the lights. While many high performance audio systems are made “only” for the enthusiast himself, the H590 is designed to give joy to the entire family.

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